Friday, March 21, 2014

Rage Fighter Build MU

I'm back playing MU Philippines right now but this time it is on agartha server many of us MU players disappointed before due to mobius Tahr server shutdown many players spent their bucks just to play this amazing game in Tahr, Rance, Bahr, and Titan they are paying each time they play this game before like me but the old server was shutdown due to rumor contract issue from webzen.
Fortunately someone revive this game and let players play it for free but there are lot of options to maximize your game play using ecoins. Ecoins serves as money aside from jewels in game you can purchase Seal of Wealth (SOW) and other ticket like the Rage Fighter character ticket after you purchase you can create your own Rage Fighter. Rage Fighter is the newest character in MU after the Summoner. Rage Fighter is very powerful character due to his huge Hit Points(HP) and Powerful Skill like chain drive. It is a very amazing character due to his dominance in Player versus Player (PVP) and Player versus Monster (PVM). He can also hunt alone I always seen that some Rage Character has been defeated Selupan the Boss of La Cleon, Hunting in La Cleon is easy if you invest your stat to your agility. Many players complained about this character because they thought that this character was overpowered by the developer of the game because it can hit 4-8 times just one click to each character it leave them dead amazing huh!. He can kill bosses alone with his Beast Upper Cut. Beast Upper Cut has passive option or skill to decrease the defense of his opponent.
The following are some build for you Rage Fighter:

Stamina Build Rage Fighter

This build can deal 1 hit KO using his chain drive that depends on his stamina/vitality also excellent in hunting even without buffer or party amazing!

Pure Stamina Build

Strength: 613
Agility: 325
Stamina: Add all remaining points here
Energy: Base (20) don't add any points here

Stamina Energy

Strength: 613
Agility: 325
Stamina: Add all remaining points here
Energy:   404 (For Ignore Parchment) Only your rage fighter can use this buff

Stamina Agility

Strength: 613
Agility: 800
Stamina: Add all remaining points here
Energy:  Base (20) don't add any points here

Energy Build Rage Fighter

This build can dominate Energy Magic Gladiator (EMG) in Kill Steal(KS) and can matched other player in PVP but very Buffer dependent.

Energy Non-Rage Fighter Gear

Strength: 500 (For Rave Plate Set) Second Strongest Blade Knight Ancient Set
Agility: 180 (Excellent Sacred Glove +15 )
Stamina: Base (20) Don't add any points here
Energy: Add all remaining points here

Energy Rage Fighter Gear

Strength: 613
Agility: 315
Stamina: 515
Energy: Add all remaining points here

Strength Blade Knight

If you played MU Philippines before many build has been created due to blade knight or dark knight is the most flexible character in game. He can be a hunter knight where the focus of player is to increase his agility to boost his defense success rate as well his attack speed. He also can be support type where the player focus to increase his energy to increase the percentage of his swell or greater fortitude. Also there's a type of knight where the player increase his vitality and wear full HP Reflect set, this build can deal damage without using his sword though you must use your sword too deal greater damage to your opponent. The last known build that I know that many players use in MU NON Rebirth Server is is the PK Blade Knight or Strength Blade Knight this build can deal mammoth damage to your opponent it can even kill your foe without using COMBO, yeah the special skill of your blade knight where it combines its 3 Skill to deal higher damage.
Strength Blade Knight can change his job to Blade Master after reaching level 400 and finished all quests. Usually PK Blade Knight can wear all set items for Blade Knight and all weapons available. The disadvantage of Strength BK is the low attack success rate and attack speed but there's a way to increase your attack speed, by using of ALE where your character gain attack speed also by using weapon that has excellent option and yellow option from Jewel of Harmony. When you reached level 400 you can increase your attack success rate by adding points to your Master Skill Tree. This type of knight usually use his Death Stab to kill his foe instantly very effectively when using Dual Bone Blade that has pink option and sd by pass.

PK Blade Knight Build / PK Blade Master Build

Strength:  1400
Agility:  360
Vitality: All remaining points
Energy: Base (Even you don't put energy here Blade Knight can use skill without emptying you mana)

Happy Valentine's Day

So Valentine's Day is over. Rejoice to all the single's out there! We survived a grueling red day once again! Anyway, I wouldn't blab about the how-to's on dealing bitterness, I rather concentrate on more pressing issues like events slash celebrations being commercialized every year. Yeah, you read that right.
I bet you are familiar with V-Day thingy? Society has successfully established a tradition of gift-giving or stuffs like that, our profit-loving businessmen took advantage of this scheme. They gladly cater their potential consumer's need and in exchange for their ahem, quality yet overpriced product or service is of course, money. I am getting nowhere, am I? I strongly believe that you guys all know this but to give it emphasis I will say it again. Who the heck would splurge on those shit these profit wolves are providing anyway? I mean, come on people, those stuffs are sure lovely but hey flowers do wither, chocolates get eaten and get pooped, balloons popped and teddy bears do get dusty and old! So why the hell waste money on nonsense? It is not even to be counted as one's necessity; I sure bet my life that you can exist without having those things in your hand. We begin forgetting the real essence of every celebration when we become too concerned about what to give and what to receive.
Love couldn't be intensified with those because I believe love has no degree (what, I'm so weird?). If one's happiness depends upon receiving gifts then he or she is wrongly in-love. You're not after trade of superficial things, you're there for the affection.
This isn't mainly about V-day, erroneous spending, commercialism or whatnot. I may be the master of random topics but my reason of rebelling isn't founded on bitterness. A lot of people gets hungry everyday and still there are people who recklessly spend.
If you celebrate it with someone that day and spent it just doing nothing but satisfied just being together, congratulations! You avoided the bandwagon.
And if not, you ended becoming a victim. But you can choose to be wise next time.
(This is applicable not only to V-Day. I just happen to take advantage of the moment to bring this thought of mine up.)

Elf MU Online

Elf is the first female character in MU continent of legend. From a simple Elf it will evolve it to a Muse Elf After she reach level 180 and successfully found the quest item Scroll of Emperor and Tear of Elf. She can equip maces, axes, shields, swords, bow and crossbow. After reaching level 400, Muse Elf can take another quest in order to evolve into a new job which is a High Elf a Master Form of Elf.
In game there’s two famous build for elf. First is the Agility Elf which can deal high damage whether to monster (PVM) or to another player (PVP). Unfortunately Agility Elf has a small Hit Points (HP) or the Life Points of the character but it can stun other player using Ice Arrow. Agility Elf must played in great ranged against its opponent to be sure that other player cannot reach her due to his minimal vitality. The second famous build for an elf is the Energy Elf or other players called the Buffer. The Buffer is type of character that known as the ultimate supporting buddy. Yes, supporting party members to avoid get killed by an enemy it cast Heal, Greater Defense and Greater Damage. It’s the best party buddy to kill faster also useful on hunting in La Cleon or hunting in Kalmia 7. Unfortunately Energy Elf can only wield low level bow, axe, mace and shield. Therefore it cannot deal high damage like the Agility Elf but good in supporting party mates. Elf is good for hunting and support it’s your choice what should create.

Agility Elf Build

Strength: 300
Agility: All remaining points
Vitality: Base
Energy: Base

Energy Elf or Buffer Build

Strength: depends on the strength of the armor (preferably Vine Armor +15)
Agility: depends on the strength of the armor (preferably Vine Armor +15)
Vitality: Base
Energy: All remaining points

Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Beginning Wagon Bug

I have been playing Skyrim for a year now. I played it with my old AMD X2 dual core, yeah its very obsolete processor but fortunately it can run games like GTA 4. I cannot play that without a dedicated graphics card. I only use cheap graphics card so I played it in lowest resolution, even it is on a low resolution I still enjoyed playing it without complain.
Playing this game is awesome so after a year even though I don’t finish the game in my first adventure I tried to install it again in my new operating system which is Window 7 Ultimate 32bit. I’ve just replaced my old OS which is Windows XP. Luckily with same computer unit a year ago it’s successfully run on my new system though I had haven’t back up my old files. Therefore I created my new character and start again from the start. I’m very excited from Khajiit I tried another race which is Altmer. Altmer has default skill like High Born which you regenerate mana faster for limited time only once a day and bonus Mana.
After a month I’m still playing it with my old desktop computer and decided to purchase a cheaper gaming notebook. I bought Lenovo Ideapad Z470 in Enigma Olongapo City it has an Intel i3 processor, 4GB memory and 2GB ddr3 graphics card, Hooray a better system to play with. After I installed Windows 7 64bit, yes 64bit so I can utilize the 4GB memory, installed all drivers and application that I should use in my new notebook I installed Skyrim. Yes at last I can play Skyrim in a high resolution after installing it I start the game and voila I met again the horse thief and my fellow dragon born Ulfric Stormcloak. We travel for a 30 minutes trip to helgen wherein we are going to be executed by ruthless Imperial Army. I noticed that nobody talking and no background music. After we arrived at helgen in some wall there, we’re stuck. I wait for 30 minutes before I decided to hit Alt+Ctrl+Del, Yeah I end the application because there’s no hope.
I tried to reinstall the game again but unfortunately nothing happens still stuck on that part but luckily I tried some method I copied my Direct X in my Desktop Computer and install it on my notebook and poop the game start and the fun adventure continues.

How to fix the Skyrim Beginning Wagon Bug?

Answer: Just download a separate Direct X from Microsoft and Install it. I successfully fix mine Windows 7 64bit.