Friday, March 21, 2014

Summoner Build MU

Summoner is one of the female character in MU Online aside from ELF. She is very powerful character due to her unique skills and abilities. Summoner released in Season 4 and can evolved into Bloody Summoner and Dimension Master. Summoner has 5 points per level but after he reached level 150 and finished the quest he will gain 7 points per level. In my game experience summoner is very tough, she can even kill any character in game using her lightning skill. There a time I watched her to kill other player without throwing any skill to them by using his reflect ability which an excellent armor option and one of her unique power. She can protect herself yet damaging the attacker.
Playing Summoner must be hard, especially in stat building . I will include best build for summoner here so you can build your ultimate Dimension Master. She can also can summoned beast to attack his foe using his books, Amazing isn't it? Well I'm happy to build this character she can kill Monster instantly also an additional she is ranged character therefore she can avoid damage while giving her full power to her opponent. Summoner also can challenge Rage Fighter in a duel, we all know that RF can deal mammoth amount damage in a single hit using his Dragon Slasher but Summoner can reflect it and deal great damage while using Lightning damage.

Best Build For Summoner in Low Server

Hunting Energy Summoner

Strength: Base on set
Agility: 800 (increase defense and attack speed)
Vitality: Base
Energy: All remaining points

Pure Energy Build

Strength: Based on set
Agility: Based on set
Vitality: 300 (to support our character from damage)
Energy: All remaining points

Hunting Agility Build

Note: This build don't have damage reflect its you call :)
Strength: Based on set
Agility: All remaining points
Vitality: 500
Energy: 1300

Vitality Build

Strength: Based on set
Agility: Based on set
Vitality: All remaining points
Energy: Based on Damage Reflection


  1. Thank you for your blog, your stat builds are amazing. Hunting energy summy is my favorite.

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