Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

So Valentine's Day is over. Rejoice to all the single's out there! We survived a grueling red day once again! Anyway, I wouldn't blab about the how-to's on dealing bitterness, I rather concentrate on more pressing issues like events slash celebrations being commercialized every year. Yeah, you read that right.
I bet you are familiar with V-Day thingy? Society has successfully established a tradition of gift-giving or stuffs like that, our profit-loving businessmen took advantage of this scheme. They gladly cater their potential consumer's need and in exchange for their ahem, quality yet overpriced product or service is of course, money. I am getting nowhere, am I? I strongly believe that you guys all know this but to give it emphasis I will say it again. Who the heck would splurge on those shit these profit wolves are providing anyway? I mean, come on people, those stuffs are sure lovely but hey flowers do wither, chocolates get eaten and get pooped, balloons popped and teddy bears do get dusty and old! So why the hell waste money on nonsense? It is not even to be counted as one's necessity; I sure bet my life that you can exist without having those things in your hand. We begin forgetting the real essence of every celebration when we become too concerned about what to give and what to receive.
Love couldn't be intensified with those because I believe love has no degree (what, I'm so weird?). If one's happiness depends upon receiving gifts then he or she is wrongly in-love. You're not after trade of superficial things, you're there for the affection.
This isn't mainly about V-day, erroneous spending, commercialism or whatnot. I may be the master of random topics but my reason of rebelling isn't founded on bitterness. A lot of people gets hungry everyday and still there are people who recklessly spend.
If you celebrate it with someone that day and spent it just doing nothing but satisfied just being together, congratulations! You avoided the bandwagon.
And if not, you ended becoming a victim. But you can choose to be wise next time.
(This is applicable not only to V-Day. I just happen to take advantage of the moment to bring this thought of mine up.)

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