Friday, March 21, 2014

Elf MU Online

Elf is the first female character in MU continent of legend. From a simple Elf it will evolve it to a Muse Elf After she reach level 180 and successfully found the quest item Scroll of Emperor and Tear of Elf. She can equip maces, axes, shields, swords, bow and crossbow. After reaching level 400, Muse Elf can take another quest in order to evolve into a new job which is a High Elf a Master Form of Elf.
In game there’s two famous build for elf. First is the Agility Elf which can deal high damage whether to monster (PVM) or to another player (PVP). Unfortunately Agility Elf has a small Hit Points (HP) or the Life Points of the character but it can stun other player using Ice Arrow. Agility Elf must played in great ranged against its opponent to be sure that other player cannot reach her due to his minimal vitality. The second famous build for an elf is the Energy Elf or other players called the Buffer. The Buffer is type of character that known as the ultimate supporting buddy. Yes, supporting party members to avoid get killed by an enemy it cast Heal, Greater Defense and Greater Damage. It’s the best party buddy to kill faster also useful on hunting in La Cleon or hunting in Kalmia 7. Unfortunately Energy Elf can only wield low level bow, axe, mace and shield. Therefore it cannot deal high damage like the Agility Elf but good in supporting party mates. Elf is good for hunting and support it’s your choice what should create.

Agility Elf Build

Strength: 300
Agility: All remaining points
Vitality: Base
Energy: Base

Energy Elf or Buffer Build

Strength: depends on the strength of the armor (preferably Vine Armor +15)
Agility: depends on the strength of the armor (preferably Vine Armor +15)
Vitality: Base
Energy: All remaining points

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