Friday, March 21, 2014

Defense of the Ancient DOTA Girl Character

Female DOTA character is one of my favorite, because they are cool, sexy and yet deadly (xxx) character. They are hiding their power behind their goddess appearance. Some of girl character in DOTA is support type but most of them are tanker or killer of the game. Maybe some of you always wanted to pick female character that listed here because of their power and abilities.

DOTA Girl Character with their Second Name

Queen of Pain (Akasha)

Akasha is ranged type of character, he is powerful due to his Scream of Pain and Shadow Strike can inflict overtime damage from her poison, She is a fragile character but she has blink skill so she can escape whenever she want as long she is not disabled by her opponent.

Slayer (Lina Inverse)

Lina Inverse is ranged spellcaster that can deal huge amount of damage from her skills such as Light Strike Array, Dragon Slave and Laguna Blade, she also gains additional attack damage and move speed every time she cast a spell due to his third skill called Fiery Soul.

Enchantress (Aiushtha)

Enchatress is an ranged character that has ability to heal her teammate by using his nature's attendant and also hard to hit character due to his untouchable, she also can cast Enchant to slow or to turn his enemy to an ally. She can also use her Spear and cast Impetus to deal damage based on ranged from the target .

Windrunner (Alleria)

Alleria  is an Intelligence character but mostly she rely on her physical damage than casting skills to damage her foes, She can stun her enemy by using Shackles, it is very effective if the enemy is beside another teammate or just beside a tree. Powershot can deal great damage in line with 1700 range also it can cut down tress. Windrunner is her escape ability where it enhances her movement speed and evade physical damage also slowed enemy beside her. Focus fire is her ultimate where he can cast it on a single target and raise her attack speed at maximum to attack the target, but her damage will decrease.

Naga Siren (Slithice)

Naga Siren is one of my favorite because of her Mirror Image, Mirror Image can multiply herself to attack at the same time to avoid physical or magical damage with her Ensnare she can trap her enemy in a net and attack it with her clones,Her new skill Riptide can decrease the armor of her foes, her final ability called Song of the Siren where she sing and make her enemy sleep for a period of time, very useful when setting a up an ambush or escaping.

Death Prophet (Krobelus)

Krobelus is oneof the skill spammer character with her Carrion swarm. She also also has Silence where the enemy affect by this spell cannot use her skill ability temporarily. She also can be a good tanker by equipping HP regeneration and HP booster to maximize her  vitality while casting  Exorcism.

Crystal Maiden (Rylai Crestfall)

The first character I used, Rylai Crestfall is a very good support character due to her Brilliance Aura it is a global skill therefore all ally benefit from it. She can also can cast disabling ability like Frost Nova, Frostbite and her final Skill Freezing Field in order to deal a successful you must equip Black King Bar to avoid interruption from your foes.

Phantom Assassin (Mortred)

Yeah Mortred is one of the girl dota character, She is one of the favorite of DOTA players, Because of her final Coup de Grace which can deal Mutiple damage in a single strike, her Stiffing Dagger can deal pure damage plus slow the target with his Phantom Strike Phantom Assassin gains 100% attack speed after blinking to her target, For me she is the deadliest melee female character IMO.

Drow Ranger (Traxex)

Traxex is ranged character can support her team by using frost arrows while silencing her enemies, She also has  Trueshot Aura where all ranged character beside her will gain additional damage based on their agility. Marksmanship is her final ability where she gain additional agility.

Priestess of the Moon (Mirana Nightshade)

Mirana is a ranged character, she can chase or escape her enemies using her  pet Leap, She also has Starfall which can damage nearby enemies her Elune's Arrow is deadly but it is hard to land onto her enemies, her Moonlight Shadow can save your ally from ambush or you can use it to Ambush you enemy.

Moon Rider (Luna Moonfang)

Moon Rider is also a ranged character using the power of moon, He can cast Lucent beam to her enemies which will deal damage and a mini stun, you must invest to your Lucent Beam in order to deal great damage when using Eclipse, her final skill. Lunar Blessing can give you extra damage and extra vision at night. Moon Glaive can deal chaining damage to her enemies.

Spectre (Mercurial)

Mercurial is a melee character she can desolate and can ignore the armor of her enemy if she caught it alone. With her dispersion the damage she receive will scatter to the nearby enemies. She also use her Spectral Dagger which can create a shadow path where Mercurial gains no collision and slowed her enemies. She can cast her haunt to deliver her final blow to escaping enemy.

Vengeful Spirit (Shendelzare Silkwood)

Vengeful Spirit a ranged character which can cast magic missile to disable her enemy and deal number of attacks, she has a Command Aura that gives nearby ally an extra damage and Wave of Terror that can decrease the armor of her enemies in line and Nether Swap to change their position of her enemy, very useful when her opponent is escaping.

Templar Assassin (Lanaya)

Lanaya is an agility character who is using her psionic powers, She can cast refraction to gains additional damage and ability to evade a number of physical damage, she also has a meld which she can conceal herself to escape or to ambush her foe with her psi blade which can pierce the damage to the other enemy behind the target. She also has psionic trap which can slow her enemy very effective on chaising.

Broodmother (Black Arachnia)

Yeah she is also a girl dota hero, she is a mother and therefore she is a female. Broodmother can create web which can give her to conceal herself inside of it and gain additional health regeneration, with her Incapacitating Bite her target will be slowed and gain a miss status, she can bear another spider by throwing her Spawn Spiderlings on the enemy which is nearly dead. Insatiable Hunger gives her an ability to steal life force from his opponent and increase her attack damage.

Gorgon (Medusa)

Gorgon is ranged tanker character which has mana shield to boost her vitality by receiving attacks using her mana as her life. She can also use her Split Shot to deal multiple damage to her foes and harass her enemy by casting his mystic snake. Her final ability is the Stone Gaze which can slow enemies, remove buffs and damage to summoned units.

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