Friday, March 21, 2014

Magic Gladiator MU

Magic Gladiator (MG) is a character in MU online that is combination of Wizard and Knight. It can cast some Spells that wizard can and also can use some swords that Blade Knight or Dark Knight can use. Magic Gladiator earns 7 points each level therefore even he is low level his stat is unmatched. Player can invest their points to reach their desired build. MG is strong and can also wear knight armor and wizard armor. In my experience you can use ancient item that has an option of double damage in order to deliver much decent damage on every each attack. MG has also weaknesses, one them is not having a helm for additional defense. Therefore if ever MG wear a Knight Set or Wizard Set he cannot fully gain set defense.  As an example if he wear a Plate Set he doesn’t fully acquired the bonus set of being Plate Set because he doesn’t have a helm.
There are two known build for Magic Gladiator, first is the Strength Build Magic Gladiator where MG chose to become a knight that can wield Swords. MG has a special Sword that has special skill which is the Power Slash. Power Slash can deal decent damage as well it wide range attack that can hit monsters in front of him. MG also has skill that can decrease the attack success rate of his opponent that skill called Fire Slash. Strength MG is best solo hunting in La Cleon he can deal great damage depends on his equipped items. The second build for MG is the Energy Magic Gladiator(EMG) this build is favorites of some players on MU Online due to his final Skill as Wizard called Gigantic Storm. EMG is your best partner when you are in a KS situation. Unfortunately EMG don’t have a Soul Barrier like wizards. Magic Gladiator is very powerful depends on how you control it and base on your purpose.

Strength Magic Gladiator

Strength: 1400
Agility: 1000
Vitality: Remaining points
Energy: Scroll of Ice and Scroll of Poison requirements (for duel and hunting)

Energy Magic Gladiator (EMG)

 Strength: Base on your set or weapon
Agility: Base on your set or weapon
Vitality: Remaining points
Energy: 1800

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