Friday, March 21, 2014

MU Wizard Hunter Stat

Dark Wizard is a spell casting character in MU when MU first released the Dark Wizard was the one best pick for PVP and PVM, yes PVM because it can cast Evil Spirit that has wide range of Attack and can deal good damage. PVP? Yes when MU started some time ago the wizard has an ability to teleport while casting poison for high vitality character and lightning to evict other character inside Chaos Castle. After it reached level 150 the dark wizard can change it class to Soul Wizard which is much more powerful character after successfully retrieve the ring of honor and soul wizard you will become a powerful Soul Master that can cast Ice Storm, Decay and many more. If you are level 220 you can take another quest you are going to find the ring of honor/ ring of glory after you gain the ring you will master another Skill the wide range and powerful Nova. Nova is the most powerful attack of a Soul Master which can inflict 3000 - 4000 damage. Though the Soul Master is a really powerful character he is very vulnerable to all attack depends on your stat. Many changes happened after MU update their season Soul Master Became weaker to PVP or Player versus Player due to SD an invisible Shield that protect your character from PVP attack. Soul Master can't inflict direct damage to other character except if he broke the shield of his opponent. In my opinion if your up to Player versus Player mode disregard using Wizard because it cannot stand any character in the game. Soul Master can be a good hunting mate due to his Soul Barrier a protective shield which absorb damage depends on your level also it can cast poison which is very vital when hunting high vitality monster like Kundun or Selupan. Poison can deal high damage when the monster or other character has a lot HP/ Hit Points. If you like to create your own Hunter Wizard you may consider the following stats.

MU Hunting Stats for Dark Wizard/ Soul Master/ Grand Master

 Strength: Depends on the strength requirement of your weapon or armor
Agility: All remaining Stats here to increase defense and attack success rate
Vitality: Base
Ene: 408 to be able to wear Soul Barrier

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