Friday, March 21, 2014

Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Beginning Wagon Bug

I have been playing Skyrim for a year now. I played it with my old AMD X2 dual core, yeah its very obsolete processor but fortunately it can run games like GTA 4. I cannot play that without a dedicated graphics card. I only use cheap graphics card so I played it in lowest resolution, even it is on a low resolution I still enjoyed playing it without complain.
Playing this game is awesome so after a year even though I don’t finish the game in my first adventure I tried to install it again in my new operating system which is Window 7 Ultimate 32bit. I’ve just replaced my old OS which is Windows XP. Luckily with same computer unit a year ago it’s successfully run on my new system though I had haven’t back up my old files. Therefore I created my new character and start again from the start. I’m very excited from Khajiit I tried another race which is Altmer. Altmer has default skill like High Born which you regenerate mana faster for limited time only once a day and bonus Mana.
After a month I’m still playing it with my old desktop computer and decided to purchase a cheaper gaming notebook. I bought Lenovo Ideapad Z470 in Enigma Olongapo City it has an Intel i3 processor, 4GB memory and 2GB ddr3 graphics card, Hooray a better system to play with. After I installed Windows 7 64bit, yes 64bit so I can utilize the 4GB memory, installed all drivers and application that I should use in my new notebook I installed Skyrim. Yes at last I can play Skyrim in a high resolution after installing it I start the game and voila I met again the horse thief and my fellow dragon born Ulfric Stormcloak. We travel for a 30 minutes trip to helgen wherein we are going to be executed by ruthless Imperial Army. I noticed that nobody talking and no background music. After we arrived at helgen in some wall there, we’re stuck. I wait for 30 minutes before I decided to hit Alt+Ctrl+Del, Yeah I end the application because there’s no hope.
I tried to reinstall the game again but unfortunately nothing happens still stuck on that part but luckily I tried some method I copied my Direct X in my Desktop Computer and install it on my notebook and poop the game start and the fun adventure continues.

How to fix the Skyrim Beginning Wagon Bug?

Answer: Just download a separate Direct X from Microsoft and Install it. I successfully fix mine Windows 7 64bit.

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