Friday, March 21, 2014

Free Text Philippines

Many us trying to maximize the use of the internet. Internet is like a very big dictionary that you can use whenever and wherever you want to. One of the main function of it why we people use the internet is to communicate to our love ones. Many of us love to make new friends and find their one true love online. Before Facebook invented we Filipinos loves to use Yahoo Messenger or (YM). We found our first virtual friend using that application, right now Facebook dominate the world of social communication. Many website offers free text messaging, some of them works but most are not. There's a time that I have decided to maximize my internet usage by sending free sms here in the Philippines. I tried many website that offers that kind of service but unfortunately after a month or two their service were completely removed or not working anymore.
There a time that I found that Yahoo offers this kind of service but in my experience their service is not working efficiently therefore I stopped using their service.
I tried to check if google offers that kind of service, I looked to their developers page but nothing's there about free text. I update this post due to I recently checked google and tried to search it again, I found out that google offers 50 free sms per day,  if I'm not mistaken just add the number of your friend that you want to  send a message, then he/she will receive a message from your directly from your email address.
After searching and comparing of service I ended up using Chikka application. Chikka offers limited text messaging per day due to I'm not a heavy sms user, their service is excellent. I can send sms to my friends for free. Chikka offers free text messaging using the internet for many country like the Philippines. It also has a facebook application called Chikka Lite. I already installed it on my facebook apps and it has a limit of 30 free text messaging per day, Isn't that cool? Yeah I also agree with that finally I have application that can send free text in the philippines. Aside from chikka google mail is the best just type the number of your friend in the chatbox which is located at lower left of the screen and it will be added to your contact list then you can send a free 50 sms.

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