Friday, March 21, 2014

Dragon Knight Dota

Many player in Dota and Dota 2 play Dragon Knight as their charcter. Who is Dragon Knight? Dragon Knight a.k.a Davion is very powerful tanker and must have in your group. Though dragon knight don't have escape ability like blink or wind walk like the other character he has a skill called Dragon Blood. Dragon Blood gives Davion a boost on his armor and HP recovery therefore Davion can endure damage from his enemy. Also has Dragon Tail which can stun enemy who is trying to escape or chasing Dragon Knight.
Dragon Knight also has final ability called Dragon Form which transform Davion into a powerful Dragon Beast. He gains move speed and special ability from his three Dragon Form, The Green, Red, Blue Dragon Form. The final dragon form of Davion can deal froze and splash damage that can affect all enemies in sight. Davion can also cast Dragon Breath that can throw fire attack to his foe. Did you know if Davion transform into an Elder Dragon Form he will become a range character, he also can equipped Helm of Dominator to steal life force from his opponent even he is on his Dragon Form. You may use also use Lothar Edge to fill his lack of escape skill. Lothar Edge can make invisible and gain additional move speed to escape your foes. Black King Bar or BKB, is a good choice of weapon. BKB can give you an immunity from magic therefore you can attack enemy without interruption, you may also use this weapon to escape your enemy. To gain more move speed use Boots of Travel and you will can cast teleportation to other friendly character of structure. To boost Dragon Knight HP regenaration you must also equipped Heart of Tarrasque and also it will give your more Hit Points and Damage because of the additional strength from Tarrasque.

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