Friday, March 21, 2014

Faeblade VS Dagger - Kingdom of Amalur : Reckoning

Kingdom of Amalur offers variety of weapon also the same with job selection. Weapons such as Long Swords, Great Swords, Hammers, Faeblades, Daggers, Longbows, Staves, Chakrams and Sceptres are the choices for your character to master.  There are three type of weapon you can obtain in game it is indicated by the color of there name. Green represent normal type of weapon, Blue represent rare type of weapon and Purple represent unique type weapon meaning this weapon don't have any copy in game. In my experience all unique weapon I had collected while wandering around Amalur was stored in my stash. Yeah, I'm enjoying viewing my collection of weapon inside my stash. My preferred gaming style is like ninja, where my character always hiding behind the shadow then deliver a back stab to my enemy, pretty dangerous huh!. After collecting almost all unique weapon in game I wonder which weapon should I use for my NIGHTBLADE? Nightblade is a type of Destiny or Job in Amalur where it starts from being a simple Rogue which has an ability to master Bow, Faeblades and Dagger. I have a lot unique faeblades and daggers but almost of them are not so powerful, but I wonder what should I master? Faeblade VS Dagger? Faeblades can give more damage than Dagger unfortunately when I'm trying to use faeblade to assassinate my enemy I get caught by his comrades therefore the deadly battle begins. Dagger can assassinate an enemy without being caught by other enemies nearby and has an omnislash type of skill like Yurnero of DOTA.
After comparing these two weapon I've decided to use Longbows and Dagger because I'm the type of player that always want to deliver a killing bow behind the shadow and also I created my own Prismere Dagger that has more damage than any unique Dagger in Amalur and as a bonus I can enchant it with any option I like.

List of Unique Faeblade in Reckoning

  • Cydan's Faeblades
  • Demon Horns
  • Faeblades of Song
  • The Dove's Wings
  • The Dragon's Spurs
  • The Lion's Claws
  • The Mantis' Legs
  • The Salamander's Tail
  • The Shark's Fins
  • The Viper's Fangs

List of Unique Dagger in Reckoning

  • Atropos and Veshani
  • Claws of Astyl
  • Eyes of Tirnoch
  • Fangs of Aodh
  • Heartpins
  • Keloren's Messenger
  • Kezar's Vice
  • Mirrorknives
  • Shine and Shadow
  • Spinning Tom's Blades
  • The Night

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