Friday, March 21, 2014

GTA 4 Game Experience

In GTA 4 you are going to play the role of Niko Bellic a veteran of some war in Eastern Europe. Niko Bellic went to Liberty City to meet his cousin Roman. While playing GTA 4 you can do some activities like roam the whole Liberty City, since the game is not completed yet there are some place that currently locked like its predecessor you can swim, walk, bully other people, borrow car and equip some harmless weapon. Niko will meet other character like Brucie a steroid junkie who own a chop shop. You will meet also your old friend from your troop which transform into new personality as a male that has a heart of woman he or she has many task for Niko. Jimmy Pegorino is one of the character that will give Niko a lot task but after he serves Pegorino, Pegorino killed the future wife of Niko eventually Niko tried to revenge again but now for his future wife Kate. Niko, Roman and Rasta Buddy will try sneak out through Pegorino's hideout they will chase pegorino's goons by car after they reached the hideout  Niko will penetrate their hideout  alone using your gathered weapon through out the game or buy purchasing new one in ammunition shop you will chase pegorino and face a lot of armed pegorino goons Niko must hit and hide to finish the hideout goons in order to chase pegorino. Jimmy Pegorino will escape using a speed boat but with the help of Niko Rasta friend they will chase him using a Chopper. You must follow pegorino's boat and tried to hit him as many as you can to avoid him to escape. The chopper Niko used is armed so basically you just follow the boat and hit him until it explode. Niko will landed beside Liberty City and Pegorino will be killed after that Liberty City will be unlocked.

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