Friday, March 21, 2014

Why you should quit drinking coffee?

Ending drinking coffee is one of the hardest thing I make. Why? Because coffee makes me alive when I'm weary and it serves as a booster when I'm thinking, it is also my favorite drink since I was young but now that I'm an adult, I realize that too much coffee in our has a negative effect in our overall wellness. Many people also think like me that coffee can gives positive effects to our body but we are all wrong. In my own experience I think that coffee is very addictive beverage because there are times that after drinking a cup coffee I have mannerism to sip again on my cup not knowing that my cup is already empty, so I have to make again or refill my cup for more. Months ago I tried to check my blood pressure and pulse rate by using some electric Blood Pressure device, I'm shocked in the result because my pulse is 100 and my blood pressure went to 135/80, Because of coffee I got border line hypertension also it makes me alive at night therefore I don't get enough rest. That's why I quit drinking coffee, for me coffee is very delicious drink that killing us slowly by poisoning our body.

The following are the reasons why you should quit drinking coffee

1. Caffeine gives high blood pressure.
2. Caffeine constricts your blood vessels.
3. Caffeine damages our nervous system.
4. Caffeine can cause indigestion.
5. Caffeine can lead you to stroke.
6. Caffeine makes you lunatic.
7. Caffeine causes depression.
8. Caffeine causes anxiety.
9. Caffeine causes panic attacks.
10. Caffeine decreases your immunity from sickness.
11. Caffeine decreases your sex drive.
After quiting drinking coffee I successfully restore my normal blood pressure and have a complete 8 hours rest without interruption also I completely eradicate midnight palpitation. It also boost my immune system, before when I'm taking coffee I always get sick. We should remove this bad drinking habit, complete rest and have an exercise everyday.

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